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Damn Kidney Stones
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reply to Kardinal

Re: Remembrance Day...........stories

said by Kardinal:

That clip tries denote how serious that vehicle damage is when you stand right next to it, but the gravity of it isn't the same as being there and looking at it. When you stand there, you can't help but think "Holy ****, peacekeeping really is a serious business where our Canadian Forces put their lives on the line to protect others".

I heard John T. tell the story of his first sight of the Iltis after he recovered. It took him about an hour of just sitting there in the vehicle to come to terms with how close he came to dying.

BTW, the Iltis was cleaned up and stripped. All the kit is gone and any blood was removed.
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My Grandmother often talked about how lucky our family was since her 3 brothers all served and all three came home. The big joke was that her youngest brother was lucky enough to be a driver for a general and spent most of the war playing chess with him. The oldest one was not so lucky and saw combat. The middle brother was the worse off as he was in the merchant navy and spent a lot of time in the water. He was never the same from what I've heard. My family is very proud of them...

Forgot to mention the other side of the family. My great uncle joined the army ahead of the war and was trained to repair weapons so he didn't participate in active combat but contributed nonetheless.

One more thing. Both my grandfathers volunteered and were rejected. One due to hearing loss in one ear and the other due to flat feet!