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reply to howardfine

Re: [WIN8] Windows 8 - best to pass it up: review Read more: ht

said by howardfine:

Vaguely? How about almost half the article starting with the title "Touch Screens"?

1) it's clear the interface is really for users with touch-screens.

2) the millions of individuals and businesses with older, mouse-driven systems - and even many with laptops that have a touch pad but no touch-screen - may find themselves needing to memorize keyboard shortcuts for many common tasks, a throwback to earlier days of computing.

3) While there's still a Windows 7-like desktop, it's been demoted

4) it's clumsy for users of more traditional PCs, who will have to learn just where to move the cursor on the screen to bring up the charms.

5) there's no option to boot directly into the desktop environment, or restore the Start menu. And, adding to the sense of confusion, Windows 8 has two separate versions of the Internet Explorer web browser

6) if you don't already have something close to the latest and greatest PC and you're reasonably happy with Windows 7, my guidance is simple:
Skip it.

How is this "vague"?

1) Interface works fine with keyboard/mouse.

2) No they won't. All of them wants to click an icon on the desktop or taskbar. They can just hit WIN key to bring up the start screen. It's not hard. Seriously.

3) No it hasn't. Desktop works BETTER in Windows 8 than Windows 7.

4) Using the little start menu is clunky to me. Only time I use the charm is when I want to shutdown/restart the computer and it's really rare when I want to do that. Or the metro apps setting that I rarely use on my desktop.


6) I upgraded an 80 year old grandpa's Windows 7 laptop to 8. He loves it. Of course I trained him how to use it, he was frustrated with Windows 7 and have no idea how to work the start menu.

7) You heard all these complaints elsewhere - these complaints are vague in that article.


Saint Louis, MO

All you're doing now is disagreeing with the article. Before you said the article was about upgrade problems and only vaguely about this and that's not true.

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