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Goodwater, AL
reply to DrStrangLov

Re: [Exede] Server not found

Everyone is getting the "Server not found" right now...it's a system-wide problem with the DNS servers going temporarily "Deaf"...☺☺

This involves server-side software experiments with keeping all routers synced with the DHCP of the modem, and will be corrected soon.

In the meantime the best way to resolve this issue is to do "Nothing"...it is self-correcting" after 2 or 3 minutes...play a game of Solitaire or get a cup of coffee then just right-click the page and select "Reload"...the page will then load OK..

Don't bother recycling your modem or router...just a few minutes wait and it self-heals..

Frustrating, yes, but hopefully when all updates to their server-side software has stabilized the "Server not found" issue and the DHCP-->Router problems will be solved.
Exede12, ViaSat-1, beam 342, Albuquerque Gateway, Denver AcceleNet servers


said by wm4bama:

Everyone is getting the "Server not found" right now...will be corrected soon.

They know how to fix it NOW...not soon.

All Exede network engineers should be required to have Exede with no cable/fios/etc in their homes, and with their AcceleNet Server getting the upgrade first....doing software/firmware upgrades to all six AcceleNet Servers shows poor judgment.


Dare I say it? There seems to have been a sudden improvement this evening. It seems as if the old pre-experimental settings have been reloaded. It isn't any better than the time from two weeks ago but it seems to have stabilized. I still have to hit the link again if I don't get a response of 'waiting' on Chrome in two seconds or so but the occurrences of this seem to have diminished.


Oops. It hosed up while I was posting the previous and I got the not found page but a few link re-clicks and I was back and found the post posted, ha!