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Poorly Representing MYSELF.
reply to mikedz4

Re: if dish hopper gets shut down will dvrs be next?

Commercials are here, and kind of should be here, for quite some time.

Most Cable MSOs insert their own Local Advertising which is revenue. So I do not think you will ever see a Cable product like the Hopper.

Dish does not, therefore, no loss to them.

But now think of the value of your ads on homes with Cable and homes with Dish? Suddenly if you think you are reaching 2mill with cable and 1.5mill with Dish.. it might be more like 1.9mill with Cable when you take into account homes that record and skip Vs Dish where their own device automatically strips out the ads you paid to have viewed.

I know in this world everyone thinks everything should be free and whatnot but the only reason for TV, Cable, Dish and the shows on them is to get Advertising into your home.
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