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Re: I don't think Hughes Gen/4 works with Apple devices

FYI - hughesnet123 describes the terminal fix here:

»Re: Review! New Gen 4 user/Mac OSX/IOS

As I mentioned above - with my MacBook Pro, the fix seems to help somewhat but does not provide the speed which Hughes advertised (does not come close) and does nothing to address the issue with connections.


I just had my Gen/4 installed. I only have Apple laptops in my home. Everything works very fast, no problems. The only issue is trying to find out from Hughesnet, how many movies from Netflix can I use per month.


I have the same experience CNR123. I don't have any issues what so ever. All I have are apple computers and two IOS 6 devices.

As far as how many Netflix you can watch, it depends. But I switched over to getting 3 DVD's in the mail at a time, rather than streaming Netflix. Hughesnet just isn't the type of service made for streaming Netflix. I mean you can, but if you like to browse the web like I do it's going to really take from that.

The cap is not an issue when browsing the web. Since my cap has turned on I haven't even used a GB and they have had it on for 3 days. Not even a half a GB. But if I was to stream Netflix it would go down quick.

Youtube doesn't take much, but I keep it at 360p and I don't click video's that are an hour long unless I'm for sure I want to watch it.