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reply to cchhat01

Re: DHCP address has stayed the same for the past 1+ month

said by cchhat01:

And why do I need to finagle with my mac address to obtain a new IP. This is DHCP. This is what I would have expected from other cable internet providers as well.

DHCP = Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.
In no way does that indicate you would get a new IP address every time your lease expires. Since moving from an RCN serviced area about a year and a half ago and switching to Comcast and presently to FiOS, I've had exactly 2 IPs (one Comcast and one Verizon). My IP lease was 3 days with Comcast and 7 days with Verizon each and every renew reassigned the same IP I already had leased.

And why should RCN have to finagle DHCP for you to obtain a new IP?
As I said, since moving from RCN to other large providers, I see the same pattern of retaining the same dynamic IP indefinitely.

The Hero of Time
Bath, PA

I feel I need to chime in and explain how DHCP works since it's my background.

When you're leased an IP by DHCP, unless a specific rule is set to not lease the same IP, the DHCP server will always give the same IP out again. It'll also actually start the renew process halfway through your lease time. Example, if you have a 4 day lease, it'll actually renew it in 2 days (or attempt to anyway).

That said... it's actually in RCN's best interest not to mess around with settings and make changes to the IP address. There's no reason too and if they added special rules it just makes for something else to go wrong.