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Chicago, IL
reply to david4toy

Re: Do WISPA block all ports?

does the ubnt radio have any type of DHCP/management enabled?

i have a wireless radio at one of my sites and i had the same issue you had, however, i told them i needed a true static ip, not just an IP that isnt double NATed.

you might have to ask for a true static IP.


I have no idea how they have the ubnt antenna setup, i don't know the password to it.

They gave me info to use on the WAN/Internet and it's a static IP at least i had to select static before the router would let me input the IP, gateway, DNS info that they gave me to use.

I'm using a Asus nt-16 with tomato firmware.

Chicago, IL
ok if you put static IP into your router, you have a static IP that is a good start.

what is the management port of your router?

tell them you need to be able to hit that port from the internet and let them try to access it to see the error message you are receiving.

i had a tough time explaining to my wireless provider that they did not have it setup properly. after a second and third attempt of explaining to them what i was trying to do, they finally figured out and corrected a few things on their side.

i am not sure if wireless providers have business/residential configurations, but i made sure to tell them it was for a business and that i needed a static configuration. i explained that to them before i signed up and told them i would be canceling if they couldn't meet their end of the agreement.