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San Jose, CA
reply to Lone Wolf

Re: Nexus 4 and LG build quality

Verizon has no UMTS; besides, they don't offer any unlimited plans anyways. I really can't understand why would anyone sign up with any carrier other than T-Mobile in the US (or possibly StraightTalk, if you don't care about violating their T&C), because no other carrier has 4G speeds and overage-free access anyways.

What's the point of having slightly higher speeds than T-Mo, but with a 2GB limit, if you have to pay 100$ for it, and would still be charged overage fees if you go over?

I'm happy with my 5GB@4G @ 30$/30days T-Mo plan, with free tethering and no overages! Google Galaxy Nexus (e.g. HSPA+ Nexus 3) is still pretty cool, too. Won't be switching to Verizon any time soon!

Android... get back here
Cleveland, OH
·AT&T U-Verse
ConstantineM See Profile, it comes down to coverage. T-Mobile lags a lot in uniform coverage in their markets.

In my city, Cleveland, Ohio... T-Mobile coverage is trash. The only choices I have are Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. I have Verizon right now with a grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan. AT&T'? Not just no but hell no. And Sprint is just as bad as T-Mobile in my area.
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