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Re: [Internet] Is Bell Business Fibre Available?

Just sent you a private message as we are a Bell Canada partner so I'd be happy to help.

Just for everyone else's benefit, fibre is used for many applications so just seeing it there doesn't mean it's available. There's really 3 uses that would directly impact someone right now:

1) DSL service. This is best effort and distance based. Further you are from the CO the less speeds you get. To solve that, Bell runs fibre into the neighbourhood or into the node (FTTN) and you are basically connecting from your office to that node versus the central office, allowing 25Mbps download and 7Mbps upload. It uses copper lines from your office to the node as the last mile connection. It also means someone across the street might connect to a closer node and be able to get 25Mbps, where you connect to a different one and can only get 10Mbps. Repair times are 24 hour SLA, or you can pay for express 8 hour. It's always best effort and "up to". It supports 1 static IP unless you go with ADSL which is 6MBps or 16MBps and supports 5 using a Cisco router. We always tell people this is like Canada Post. You mail a letter and it might get there tomorrow or might not get there at all, it's just best effort.

2) Dedicated fibre Internet. This is the premium service that most businesses use when Internet is critical. This is fibre run directly to your business. It's always symmetrical, so 10MBps upload and 10MBps download, and can go from 3MBps up to 1000Mbps. It's dedicated bandwidth, not a best effort service (until it hits the Internet as nothing is guaranteed on the Internet). Has a 4 hour SLA, credits for outages, has better equipment like Cisco routers with as many Static IPs as you need. We say this is like the courier. You pay a lot more for it ($1000+ per month) but it's a much higher end service for businesses running VoIP and needing dedicated access.

3) Lastly, there's our FTTB, this is similar to 2 where we run fibre to you. However it's also a best effort service like DSL in 1. It does up to 150Mbps down and 50MBps up, but is still best effort. It's what will eventually replace DSL. It's on pilot in most areas of Quebec and slowly moving into Ontario. I work with buildings in Ontario on actually getting it to them for their tenants. It's similar in that the repair times are 24 hours, it's not dedicated or guaranteed etc.

So having said all that, when you call into Bell, they can only check for 1 and 3 above. The system will say what you can or can't get. For option 2, only partners can sell that as it needs a facility check, takes around 10 days to check if fibre is in the area and the cost to get it. Now the good thing is if that was a service you were looking at, having fibre in the area is good, because even if it's not run to your building yet, the cost to get it to you would be low and might not cost you anything. Again calling into Bell they cannot check these types of things, they can only do smaller services like DSL. As mentioned in my PM though please let me know if you want me to dig further for you (or anyone else for that matter) as I'd be happy to help.

As mentioned we are a Bell Canada partner ( and we are great at getting low pricing and working for you with Bell's finance department to match competitor pricing for fibre etc. Feel free to let me know if we can assist at all.

By the way we aren't a reseller or anything, all services, pricing, billing etc is by Bell, we are part of the Bell External Sales Channel.