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[Internet] Connection hub with static IP bridge mode?

This is for business wondering if anyone has an idea how this works. We are upgrading from 2wire modem to connection hub tomorrow with static IP. We use a Cisco router that must be the router and must be configured with the WAN IP as our static IP. With our 2wire modem, we have it set to use DHCP and the 2wire does DMZ on the Cisco. IT only will do DMZ if it's DHCP. HOwever now that we are getting a static IP I need to make sure the WAN IP on the Cisco is our static IP and not some IP assigned by the connection hub with DMZ enabled.

I guess that would be like bridge mode, but how do most people handle this? From what I understand at least with the 2wire you can't do bridge mode at least officially by Bell. I flashed my 2wire to allow it but the Cisco wouldn't connect using PPPoE for some reason. Just not sure if this is common and something it automatically supports, or if I need to call tech support or what.

Basically what I'd like to have it do is have the connection type in the Cisco router be STATIC IP and have it set as our Bell Static IP (that way when I do VPN etc I can export config profiles and it's all set up properly). And then have all ports open to the Cisco with the connection hub not doing any routing at all. Anyone have any experience with this?