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Saint-Lazare, QC
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Re: [Excel] Add all fields to pivot table (in Row Labels) (Excel

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That's where it gets complicated. I get the data thru a vendor portal, which downloads to .txt. I then import it to Excel.

Basically, I have two data tables. I don't know exactly how we call them, it's the type where you have populated fields in both axis, but data only where the two joins. I'm inculding a dummy screenshot just for the sake of understanding.

Both tables contain similar fields, and my goal is to end up with one table.

1st table contains a list of stores on the vertical axis, and different planogram names on the horizontal axis. Then there are "X"s to tell us which store has which planogram.

2nd table has Product names on the vertical axis, and planogram names on the horizontal axis. Then there are numbers to tell how many facings we should carry in that planogram, for that product.

Basically, what I need is one big table telling me which store carries what product, and how many facings.

Oh, and just to make this fun, there are over 1000 planograms, over 60,000 products, and 900 stores.