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Milledgeville, GA

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Re: Sandy ... mom GAVE AWAY her damaged car :/ help analyze!

The debris shows the entire engine was submerged; there is water in it and the transmission too. There is nothing left to salvage on that car. Every single piece of electrical gear is junk - every computer, every relay, every harness. Before the incident the car was worth $3k at most, and that's without considering the transmission or CEL issues. It would cost 2-3x that easily to get that into reliable condition. I'm sure you can make it drive for much less but it won't last long before issues start popping up - but I guess that would be somebody else's problem, right?

I'm surprised that your biggest concern is that she won't be able to unload it on some unsuspecting slob dumb enough to buy a flood car. Hopefully CarFax will flag all VINs from that region so buyers will inspect much more closely.
John M - Cranky network guy