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The Hero of Time
Bath, PA

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Re: DHCP address has stayed the same for the past 1+ month

mjr is correct, DynDNS deletes your record if nothing is changed. It's to make sure the service is being used.

If you're that worried about your IP, just get a static IP. I know it's an extra $10/month, but you can then guarantee your IP won't ever change and you won't need DynDNS. I'm not sure if this server is for work or for play but there's no reason why if it's for work you don't have the static IP. If it's for play, there's no reason why the extremely rare IP change would matter. The only time my IP changed in the multiple years i've been with RCN was when I moved two cities over.

DNS changes very quick now a days... the up to 24 hours change is something I haven't seen in a long long time when I change DNS.