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Salt Lake City, UT

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Re: Firefall public beta weekend

So far I am really loving it. It's something completely new and is quite a lot of fun.

It is little cartoony and reminds of a borderlands/halo mix, except with people running around everywhere. It also has a slight GW2 MMO feel but in an FPS.

There is no leveling in this game except for the different Tier system (only 1 and 2 at the moment), but you do gain experience from doing certain things such as gathering, killing shit, or PVP. There ar, Tier 1 is basically the training wheels while tier 2 gets more competitive.

You spend experience on new weapons/gear that gives you different abilities. You craft gear which is completely customizable based on the quality of the ore that you have gathered. The cool thing is you cannot simply gather all the best ore and equip the best weapons. your toon run's off CPU power so you have to balance the gear accordingly. If you build to high quality of stuff you wont be able to use it all at the same time, so you need craft different quality items with various qualities of building materials. (I can go more in depth if requested)

The ore is found throughout the world and you have to scan/survey the ground to see the quality and quantity that at your location. You then do what is called "Thumping". Basically you call in a futuristic mining machine from space that slams into the ground and begins mining. While mining the thumper is making a whole lot of noise in the process. "Hence the term thumping". The noise attracts all kinds of attention from nearby wildlife or bad guys which come to kill you. You can thump alone with a small thumper but it only returns a small amount of ore. You can use a larger thumper in groups which make more noise but give you more materials. The larger thumpers require about 3 or more people to use in my experience. There is a 3rd thumper that is even larger but I have not been a part of one of those yet.

There are also dynamic events like Gw2 that you can group up and fight for your land back. Overall I have been pretty entertained all weekend. If you get bored of one thing, just go do something else.

The pvp can be queued from anywhere on the map and will put you into a few different gamemodes. So far I have only tried team deathmatch. It follows what you would expect in something like BF3, with one exception.... Your toon has rocket boots on so instead of jumping you fire up rocket jets and float up in the air. This turn's your normal 2-d FPS shooter into a 3D FPS. Someone might be shooting you form above or below you! This made it really fun for me, adding another dimension basically. It keeps track of all your pvp stats, you can even rewatch matches which is pretty cool.

Too summarize I was really impressed with the beta, especially since it is a beta. Looking forward to the actual game release. I ended up purchasing the $20 founder package to get unlimited beta access and some freebies. So far i have already enjoyed $20 worth.


Lumberton, TX

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Cartoon side boob and badonkadonk. Life is good. lol

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reply to Moos
Good to know, thanks for the rundown! I used to follow gameplay vids of this but apparently they went back and made some fairly big changes between a year or so ago and now. After a quick websensed google search I didn't see an obvious release date...anyone know if there is one yet?