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New York, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to DBOD

Re: [CallCentric] Recommended settings for 3CX can be problemati

At this time we don't have immediate plans to replace 0s with non 0 weights - the consideration was only to help you and customers having their configurations like yours. Because you asked - no more needs to immediately change this behavior.

The same is about about using dynamic port hoping - in a long run I'd not recommend to use SRV mechanism to choose a name of SBC while still using some fixed port (be it 5060 or 5080) because it may happen, at some time in future, that all ports which are not _currently_ being announced, the same as all SBC names which are not being currently announced by DN SRV or A records - will be explicitly closed and blocked by our dynamic firewall (with exception of currently registered or with active calls devices). That is the whole principle of using load balancers and resource protection mechanisms to allow access only to those devices which are currently available with adequate processing power.

The mechanism outlined above is within 2-4 months down the road, may take even longer if more non-compliant devices discovered or there is a significant demand from active (read - reasonable) customers, but earlier of later this mechanism must be deployed because with the current age of Internet, its threats and ability to "hunt different service providers" just for sports - this is the only way to go; any single, the most powerful, SBC has always a finite amount of processing power therefore it always may be "suppressed" by a matching fire from malicious/zombie devices while having ability to quickly add more SBCs with dynamically changing ports - gives us an ability to remove devices from fire which were attacked _before_ their resource had been exhausted while adding another device{s} with new resources available to serve more requests.