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reply to puppy

Re: GW2: Engineer Thread

said by puppy:

BTW for any newbie engineers, putting 10 points into the Tools trait can get you "Speedy Kits - Gain swiftness for 5 seconds when ever you equip a kit. This effect cannot trigger more then once every 5 seconds.".

Godly permanent swiftness, even easier than elementalist, just press 7 twice


Edit2: I've been drinking elixir B just for its swiftness boost while leveling (until I get speedy kits). You can also throw it on yourself (using F3) but I don't seem to get swiftness from that, just armor/etc.

Thank you for mentioning that, I've been using Exiler B for the same purpose, I might try out speedy kits, sounds very handy (along with Elixer B, for supah speed!).

Also, I'm going to try flamethrower later, seems... interesting


Lumberton, TX
Flame thrower seems to get better and better. I love it. Great aoe if you can get the mobs close together.
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