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Re: Switching from Road Runner To EarthLink Cable to Save Money?

okay i just called TWC. They told me the 29.99/month we have with them for Road Runner ends on December 10 or so and after that, our monthly would be $38.99 after that. I then if i could change to Earthlink now then and they said yes HOWEVER... there is no promotional discount for our account. Is this completely new thing they have to prevent ppl from switching?

They said to call after December 10 to see what promotions they had for the earthlink b/c of as of right now, there are no promotions for us. I asked how much would it cost to change to earthlink now and they said 51.95/month so obviously that is way too much. I had thought road runner would charge us 45.95/month instead of 29.95/month after the 12 months but they said its $38.99/month so that isn't that bad. However, i thought doing the switch would be great as it saves us $15 each month but since its $39 a month, its $9 more.

Does anyone know if this is a new thing for time warner cable? Last year when i changed to earthlink after being with Time Warner Cable for the promotional pricing... i had no problems at all and they said yes i get the promotion 29.95 discount/month for 6 months with earthlink but right now i have NO PROMOTIONS? However... i think when i made the switch from RR to Earthlink, i did recall i made the switch like 1/2 a month into like the 13th month i was with RR so maybe i don't get the earthlink promotional pricing until the 12 months i'm with road runner ends??

San Diego, CA
When we switched to EL I did it through an online chat with an EL rep. They took all of my info and setup the account that way. The only thing the TW rep did when I called in was to switch my modem info over from one account to the other. Or at least that's what they told me they were doing. Try contacting EL directly and see what they offer.


i contacted EL a few days ago. They told me they couldn't sign me up for earthlink because they saw that my line... had internet at the moment which was the road runner. They told me i needed to contact time warner and have them cancel my road runner service or have them change to earthlink...

Phillip M Dampier

Rochester, NY

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A few things I have picked up from our readers over the years that will save some hassles:

1) After your TWC broadband promotion is due to expire, you will receive a postcard or letter offering to continue service for a less-discounted rate, but lower than the rack price. This is the $38.99 rate mentioned above. In 2011, TWC began implementing a price-sensitive promotion adjustment program that gradually reprices service coming off promotions in an effort to reduce bill shock. So while an expiring $29.99 monthly rate used to head to $50, provoking customers to explore their options, a gradual increase of $9 a month, then $19 and so on is much more likely to be received by customers with a shrug.

2) Earthlink service is literally just a choice on a TWC employee's screen. The service transition is seamless (excepting no Powerboost and no e-mail account). It is much faster to call TWC to establish service with Earthlink than to place on order on Earthlink's web page (they will tell you to call TWC anyway if you already have TWC broadband). Earthlink's service qualifier has gotten buggy over the last year and may declare no service at your address, even though there is. Also, as of late, Earthlink has been pushing customers to the more expensive 15Mbps tier on their site. Don't bother. TWC and Earthlink speeds move in tandem. When TWC upgrades all Standard accounts to at least 15Mbps within the next 45 days, Earthlink speeds will match.

3) Once on an Earthlink promo, when it ends, you can approach TWC as a new broadband customer and secure new customer promotional pricing. The only exception is if you are on one of TWC's price protection contracts or if the regional TWC operation in insistent on limiting one promotional package to every 12-18 months. A talk with a supervisor and a threat to leave always gets you an override, however.

4) Local CSRs are not always able to access every TWC promotion. If you want to go back to TWC after an Earthlink promo and TWC says there are no promos available, e-mail and see if they can locate something for you, or sign up through one of the third party offers available when you Google Time Warner Cable.
Phillip M. Dampier
Editor, Stop the Cap!