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Fort Mill, SC
reply to IanR

Re: Monitor display resolution question

Hmmm interesting stuff. Thanks a lot.
I was just looking for all the Sunday handouts for BB, Staples, PC Richards you name it and all seemed to be 1080 only.
Thanks for bring me up to speed.
I personally prefer the 1200 resolution so I am glad it's still available.

Mountain View, CA

Most of the advertised monitors today have 1080 vertical pixels, yeah. For whatever reason panel makers began making such displays shortly after the 1200-pixel displays. The 1080 displays began getting very popular because LCD prices were dropping massively at the time. But the real reason 1080 displays are popular? Because when you say "1080" people immediately go "oh yeah, 1080p, that high definition BluRay/HD-DVD stuff! I'd better get that!". It's pure marketing drivel.

Guess what they're trying to sell now? This crap. Just look at the thing! 2560x1080, and it's 29". Again: just look at it! I laugh every time I see it.

1200-pixel displays have always been available, but up until about a year or two ago they had diminished greatly (it was very *very* hard to find one from common vendors; you could get them from HP or NEC or something, but a lot of them had quality issues. If you got a good one though, it was wonderful). But there's been a good amount of backlash from consumers wanting 1200 pixels.
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Fort Mill, SC

Very helpful guidance. Thanks.