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Irving, TX

[Troubleshooting] Is it possible to lessen microwave interferenc

I live in an apartment with 8 units in the building. We have been here for about 6 months and I've had about all I can stand. Anytime anyone in our building uses a microwave, we lose signal. Is there any kind of barrier we can put up to block the amount of interference getting to our modem? We can't exactly move it further away as it sits next to the door already and we don't have enough Ethernet cable to put it in a bedroom and just run an extra long cable to the router. As it is our router is as far from the modem as the cable will allow to lessen even that amount of interference. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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Warwick, RI
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Re: [Troubleshooting] Is it possible to lessen microwave interfe

You can get a longer Ethernet cable (50' or 100') to give you flexibility to move the modem as needed. Try moving the modem near another window . Try putting the modem up on a high shelf or stand. If these ideas fail then an outside antenna may be needed. If you have a balcony for your private use you could get the Clear Hub express and attache an antenna to it on the balcony. However this may NOT be an option in your setting. In that case you have to experiment with different spots and hope to find a sweet spot. Keep in mind this could possibly be something other then a microwave. My modem is 6 feet from the microwave and there is NO interference .


Newport Beach, CA
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I have been having what I believe is some type of interference problem and was wondering how you can determine if it is a microwave or not.

Video is always suspect and when 2 waves combined you get the sum, multiple and the difference of the waves. There are harmonics too. As far as i know wimax is operating @ 2.5GHz and a microwave is operating at 2.4GHZ. smart meters @ .9GHz

Raleigh, NC
(2450Mhz, to be precise. And it is supposed to be *completely* contained within the oven.)


Kansas City
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Some years back I was visiting a home with an older microwave oven. When the unit was operated it would wipe out all the WiFi in the house. They also had a newer unit that didn't harm the WiFi signal. I told the home owner he should not use the old unit because of the leak danger.
I wonder how many old microwave ovens are around that leak radiation?



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said by kidaraine:

Is there any kind of barrier we can put up to block the amount of interference getting to our modem?

A directional antenna (or a DIY "corner reflector" -> you can look up on google or older posts in forum for how to make/use a corner reflector -- I think I had photos of my old setup somewhere in here. You can make a corner reflector with aluminum foil, a cardboard box, and no modifications to the actual modem) could help. A directional antenna would provide gain in primarily one direction and attenuation in most other directions. The exception to this being any help at all is if you're pointing the modem at a tower and the problem microwave is directly in between.