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Re: [CallCentric] Recommended settings for 3CX can be problemati

I think you misunderstood the question. I believe there are two of you that saw the problem you have described. Your setup will not follow the the SRV RRs correctly. It doesn't even register with the first one correctly. Yes it registers but not on the port given by the SRV RR. I still don't understand why your problem occurs though.

My question was has anyone has seen 3CX following the SRVs RRs FQDN and port as it was intended on port 0. I don't think 3CX has a chance of doing it unless both SIP and OBP servers are set to port 0. Even then you have to trap the SRV RR change to see it happening. And I don't mean the round robin changes to the RRs.


Sheffield Lake, OH
reply to DBOD
There were two of us with different ISP's that saw this. If we just use the "A" record, we're ok...

It's not a nightmare, but it will be interesting to see if the 3CX crew comes up with a fix.


reply to VexorgTR
I'm not making 3CX setting recommendations. Just observations. I realize that the my supposition that 3CX will be more secure using the dumbed down SRV records is untested by me. What we do know is that 3CX is not working with the SRV records. We also know that 3CX does registers just fine with the SRV resource records albeit it sticks to the same server independent of the order the RRs are sent in the answer to the query ( I don't think that is a standard non-compliance issue BTW because of the 0 weighting). And it only follows the RR port number if the SIP server port is 0 and probably the OBP server port is 0) What I have not actually done is witnessed this in battle. When Callcentric starts adding and dropping SBCs and changing ports, will 3CX follow properly? I hope so but given their performance with the records it is only a hope. I'll leave my wireshark running to see if I can trap that behavior. 3CXs silence on this issue is deafening! Anybody have any connections with 3CX to get attention on this issue?

Has anyone witnessed 3CX following the RRs in the DNS answers as they are supposed to?