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Cat god

Riverside, NJ

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[Cable] MoCA bridge causes poor cable signals periodically

I have a pair of Netgear MoCA bridges, which I've been using without issue for a few years, until last month.

Starting last month, I've been seeing a periodic, but rare issue where my cable downstream signals crap out. I've tracked the cause to one of my Netgear MoCA bridges as disconnecting the coax from the one near my router (breaking the MoCA link) instantly fixes the signal problems. If I plug the coax back into the bridge the signals remain good until the next time I see this.

The first time I saw this was on October 18th. The most recent time was November 12th. Prior to that, I never saw this problem and I've had the MoCA bridges for several years.

When the cable signals are affected, the MoCA network still works. The bridge is set up to use frequencies above 1 Ghz and the cable signals are at most 750 MHz.

Any idea what's going on? Is the MoCA bridge going bad? If so why does the problem happen so rarely?


I am getting the same issues. Comcast in Indiana, netgear moca working great for a couple of years, but started resetting my Arris VoIP modem two days ago. Comcast came out today while my wife was home and told her we weren't supposed to have anything attached to the modem, but replaced the modem with a new one. My moca bridge is now off as it is kicking me off the web every few seconds. I'm now thinking it could be a larger comcast issue.

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The MOCA transmitters might be overdriving the receivers in the modems.

Also, iF additional attenuation in the coax network made the MOCA transmitters output more to over come it or made the modem downstream lower into the modem, the difference between the 2 signals may have grown and is causing more issues.

You may want to try putting MOCA filters on the input of the modem. Newer DOCSIS 3 modems (like the Motorola 6121) have this built in, older ones (like the Motorola 6120) don't.
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Cat god

Riverside, NJ
I'll point out it's not just killing the modems, but my cable boxes (Tivos) as well, so it's dumping noise out over the coax.

It doesn't do this all that often though. I've only seen it every 28 days so far.
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