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Re: Teksavvy "bigger but worst"

said by Robert6719:

Similar experience here. Happy with TSI DSL for 8 years. My account number is in the 500s. That's how long I've been with TSI. I steered probably 100s of customers their way with good reviews and recommendations. 8 years and never a late payment here either. What does TSI do in return? Screw me with overbilling, lousy service and outages, that's what. TSI is now worse than Bell or Rogers and going downhill fast. I feel sorry for the dedicated people who still work for TSI. Reselling Rogers internet is destroying the company.

Just over a year ago, I started having DSL speed issues. There was no neighbourhood DSL upgrade in sight so I witched to TSI cable and it's been a year long nightmare. I've been without a properly working connection for 3 days and counting. (Worked about 2-3 hours in that time.) That's in addition to intermittent outages before that. (Never mind the outages due to an overloaded network for 3 months last year.) DHCP is still not working properly. The only reason I can type this is because I entered a static IP setup into the router. Spent hours on the phone the last few weeks to repeatedly provide enough information for Rogers. It also cost me $130 for a new modem because TSI cannot or will not update the firmware. (My modem was less than a month out of warranty.) So far, I would have been better off with Rogers, despite their overpricing and oppressive data caps. If the problems keep up, that may happen yet.

Hi There,

Can you please either PM me your account info or message us in the direct forum? I would like to look into this for you.

I certainly understand the frustration of having an issue and then it not being resolved. Our call times are an issue that they are working to resolve, something that can't be done over night, but they are working on it.