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Milwaukee, WI

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Re: What is the best flavored coffee avaliable in the market?

I agree with the others in that pre flavored coffee usually does not use the best quality beans. I also find that it can take awhile to get the flavor out of the brew basket and grinder so as to not interfere with the new flavor. You are buying whole bean coffee and NOT pre ground. Green coffee can be stored for a year or two with little degradation in flavor. Roasted whole bean coffee can be stored for about 10 to 14 days before it starts to degrade. Ground coffee starts to degrade as soon as it comes out of the grinder and is 'past it's prime' in a few hours. The nice odors coming from the can or bag are light organic compounds that should have been flavor in the cup.

That having been said what I do is buy high quality green (unroasted) beans, generally at a price about half or less than the same beans roasted by local specialty coffee roasters. I then roast them myself as needed which gives me control over 1) how fresh they are when brewed 2) what level they are roasted to. The same beans will taste different at different roast levels. 3) lets me try coffees that would otherwise not be available to me. 4) I get to save a few dollars while drinking premium coffee.

If I want flavors I would add them to each cup of brewed coffee.

I roasted for years using a modified hot air corn popper but now use a purpose built roaster, a Behmor 1600.

I also get a lot of enjoyment playing with the machine and beans and it is a helluva lot easier then brewing beer of making wine.

Here are two links to start you off:
Sweet Maria's, a large selection of beans but more important a guide to home roasting using a variety of devices and good pictorials of beans at each level of roasting:

and the FAQ, more information then one would think possible on coffee:

Just something to consider. Have fun if you try it, I sure do. I can provide more links if desired.


Antioch, IL
I have the Fresh Roast SR-500 and order my beans from » out of Madison.
Check them out. Apparently, they have better pricing.


Milwaukee, WI
Chinabound, I visit Burman's monthly when I am in Madison, I buy most of my green from them. I also visit Carr Valley Cheese in Middleton, less then a mile from Burman's. If you get the chance, drive there to pick up an order, Gary and Jon are very nice and I learn something on each visit. » ships from Mukwonago WI along with several other locations. Cuts down on shipping charges but no local pickup. Then there's the Co-Op. So many sources, so many coffees, so much fun.

Happy roasting