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Mentor, OH
reply to pcdebb

Re: Gas leaking

My first car had a hole in the tank just above the halfway point. as long as I didn't go above that point, no gas leaked. I'd only fill it up, if I was going on a long trip.
But then again, I only paid 150 bucks for the car.

As others have said, you should take it back to the repair place that did the repair work on your tank. It may not be seated properly or what ever.

I had some work done on a newer vehicle, and the code light went off when I got home. Went back to the repair shop, and upon investigating, found out the tech had forgotten to rehook a vacuum hose. Or so that was their story.

No charge on the repairs and everything was fine after that. People make mistakes, might as well see if one was made with your car.
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