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Vestal, NY

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upgrading wireless/wired network questions

hi all
We recently upgraded to the 50 Mbps/25 Mbps fios internet plan. We were on a slower plan but basically are paying the same amount for faster speed. i was curious if anyone had any advice or suggestions in order to get the most out of our connection. I have been looking into two options - either getting one of the cable/internet adapters to run the internet connection thru the coaxial cables that already exist in the house OR upgrade all of the existing wireless connections in the house. One possible issue is that our tv service is from directv and our internet is from fios. Therefore, the cables that run to the TV s are not connected to the cable that connects to the fios.
Here is our current configuration including adapters/routers.

MI424wr FIOS actiontec router gen2 hardware E
- wired connection to desktop
- wireless connection - WEP b/g
- there is a wired coaxial cable in the wall for TV and another for the FIOS right behind the router

living room:
rangemax duo wireless router WNDR3300 - bridge - b/g/n
- cat5 to TV
- cat5 to HD DVR (I set up my own home dvr network but we never use it so this is not a concern)
- cat5 to sony blu ray player

family room:
old xbox arcare with mn740 wireless adapter b/g
panasonic TV with wireless adapter TY-WL20U - b/g/N
ps3 stock wireless connection

wcrgn airstation - bridge - b/g/n
-cat5 to dvr (again not used for home dvr network)

phones over wifi
laptop with intel wifi 1000 bgn - b/g/n

So it looks to me like the two options would be:
1. upgrade to wireless N
a. would have to upgrade the xbox connection
b. would have to get a b/g/n router that I would connect to the actiontec router by cat5 as described here

- issues with this solution -
- $80 new or so for the xbox wireless N adapter
- ? on strength of connection to the xbox - thru a floor and 25 feet away or so
- ok if I have to buy another N router - would have to look for cost
- will I see any speed improvement with wireless N
- any other issues you see?

2. My other thought was to buy the coaxial adapter. Since the coaxial cable that feeds the FIOS is different from the coaxial cables feeding the TV by the xbox, I would have to get two of the directv adapters -one to plug into the actiontec and one to accept the directv coaxial near the xbox/tv - this is correct right? OR would it be a FIOS adapter since that is what is sending the signal for internet or would it be a directv adapter since that is what signal is already on the coaxial cable? I would think FIOS which would be this and I would need 2.

-issues with this solution-
-which adapter?
-I would need 2 as i am most concerned about the xbox connection more than anything else
-if I want other devices connected I would have to buy more
-seems more expensive
-also, if the directv adapter is the one needed we may switch away from dtv in the summer of 2013

3. Powerline is not an option as we are running phone over a powerline adapter.

Any help would be appreciated. The more I think about it, the more I think option #1 would be the best option if I will see speed improvement. I came up with the upgrading idea since family wants gift ideas
if I can provide any more information please let me know. I am somewhat tech savy so I hope I provided all the information needed.
also, if you suggest one solution over another and have a router other hardware in mind that you like feel free to let me know!
thanks again

i just realized this may belong in the wireless not the wired forum but I was thinking of the wired adapter solution. Please move if you feel it is better served there

My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI
Ok, how big is your house? The reason I ask is I upgraded my parents router to a Asus RT-N66U router and the wireless signal can be seen through the entire house. It can go through all 3 levels of the house and still have enough signal strength to make it outside.

So when I look at your overall infrastructure, I ask why you have a wireless router bridge in the living room and a airstation in the bedroom. Seems like you have all these extra pieces of equipment when a current router would replace both of those things. The ASUS RT-N56U and ASUS RT-N66U would be great for you. That would get you the wireless N that you need.

So in essence....

I would disable the router portion in the FIOS if possible and plug in my ASUS router to do the routing work.

Coax from FIOS ---> FIOS Router ---> ASUS Router ----> Devices

As for the Xbox, upgrading the Xbox connection isn't necessary. The key here is latency, and if you have a nice fast wireless connection that is going to be just fine. The slowest part of the connection is your connection to the internet and Xbox live. Your ping to the Xbox won't be an issue while gaming. Now, if you are watching movies on the Xbox like Netflix, then throughput may be an issue. You would have to test it on what you have now to see if it is sufficient. There is an Xbox video testing utility that is right on the xbox that you can do. I would skip on the adapter though unless you see a need for it. The xbox should be fast enough with the right equipment at 25 feet.

You will see a speed improvement on Wireless N and gigabit if you are doing a lot of internal transfers of files. If you are just using the internet, you will notice a little difference because of the speed of your FIOS and you only have b/g right now. At 25/50 speeds, the wireless N becomes more of a necessity to see those speeds on all your systems.

I don't know your answer to #2. I have never had FIOS, but I wonder if you are overthinking it. Coax cable is coax cable. I don't think you will need a FIOS adapter, but maybe someone else can help you on it since I have never had it.

Why isn't powerline an option? I understand that you are running phone over powerline, and that is fine. I just don't see how this is a stopping situation though. I know many people who are using multiple powerline options to get very fast connections in their homes. I have 3 such adapters in my environment.

I hope this helps.
My domain - Nightfall.net

reply to aeneas3
said by aeneas3:

3. Powerline is not an option as we are running phone over a powerline adapter.

I use phone over powerline adapters and ethernet powerline adapters.


Vestal, NY
reply to Nightfall
thanks guys

the bridges are the only way to wirelessly connect the older dtv receivers - it stinks. It is not a signal issue.

The router is about 25 feet from the blu ray (living room) with tv and receiver - thru one wall but on the same floor.

The xbox room with the ps3 and tv are 9 feet below the blu ray/tv/receiver on the lowest floor.

The air station with the receiver is one floor up and about 10 feet away from the router.

We do not stream video on the xbox but now that amazon video is there we probably will do so. We did do that on the ps3 previously.

I agree that the more I think about it the more using a wireless N router would make the most sense. i will look into the asus

as for the powerline, I did not know that you could run both.

thanks again guys

My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI
Ah, ok. Thanks for the clarification on the bridges. Yes, the bridges will work great.

As for the xbox, run the little utility in the xbox that measures performance right now. See if you can get HDTV quality over wireless. You may have to look into powerline or the ASUS Wireless router for more throughput. I recommend something wired. I have my Xbox using a powerline adapter and I get 100mbit speeds for less than the cost of a new Xbox wireless adapter. Look into this.

The ASUS RT-N56U or the ASUS RT-N66U are both great routers. I have used both and they have great performance. You will enjoy.
My domain - Nightfall.net