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reply to TheFerret

Re: Rogers "Ultimate Fibre" internet

said by TheFerret:

Lets say you want to see something that is 500MB and takes 12 hours to download, you would download it over those 12 hrs and not do much with your connection. Now, lets say it takes 2 hrs to download the same thing, which means after those 2 hours, you would watch that thing and then want to watch something else. This means that you would use a lot more bandwidth with a faster connection than a slower one. Overall, it's the same bandwidth but you can do so much more over the same period of time comparing fast bandwidth to slow. This is how much more bandwidth gets used when you have faster internet.

Except that has drastically diminishing returns over a certain speed, where consuming the content starts to take longer than downloading it does.

Under ideal conditions, the slowest connection Rogers offers will download a TV show (in HD) in under half the time it takes to watch it. Under ideal conditions, the 2nd slowest connection they've got will download a full Blu-ray rip in less time than it takes to watch.

We're well past that point for small households, as far as downstream goes.

Multi-user households (that don't share the same taste in media content) might not be there yet, but there's still a point where the connection becomes fast enough that the time it takes to consume what they download is longer than the time it takes to download it.