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C'mon the U
Seattle, WA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to camper

Re: A tale of two Cable Companies

How is that saying Comcast's service is bad?

Since the storm, i've seen nothing but positive press and PR's from them regarding credits.

I'd say your "paraphrasing" sounds more like a 1-sided opinion.
"ONE team - ONE city - ONE dream!!"

Bethel, CT
said by JeepMatt:

How is that saying Comcast's service is bad?...

I've dealt with Comcast's one-on-one custmer service, it is anything but good.

Why do I have to call Comcast, wait for 20+minutes on hold , and then have to plead my case why I should get a credit? Comcast's statement does not even say what they will refund, or whether they will absorb the costs of damaged equipment. I have to waste my time on the phone to find out if Comcast evens considers my outage refundable.

Cablevision's message, on the other hand, it quite simple and broad-ranging. No haggling required.

I have two friends, each of whom has Cablevision, one here in Connecticut and the other over in New Jersey. Both have been full of praise for how Cablevision has handled the consequences of Sandy (~when did your service go out, and when did it return. OK, you'll be credited for n days. Is there anything else we can help you with?~).

I also know people who have tried to work with Comcast, and they universally have felt like they were put on the defensive by Comcast's customer service (~why do you think you should get a refund~).

The tone of the wording between the two companies, both in their statements and by their customer service people, speaks volumes.