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reply to Spice300

Re: I just got xede 12 installed how are my stats ?

What are the acceptable (recommended) parameters for each of those stats? I just got WildBlue. The tech support told me that I might need re-pointing but wouldn't tell me exactly what wasn't right and I didn't know how to check the stats myself until I looked it up online. My installer told me to never try to view the modem's page because it could mess things up. That seemed bogus to me, but I didn't argue with him.

Anyway, My stats:
Rx Power: -45.9 dBm

Rx SNR: 6.9 dB

ODU Telemetry status: Active

Cable Resistance: 3.0 Ohms

Cable Attenuation 13.9 dB

Tx IF Power: -26.0dBm

Tx RF Power: 32.5dBm

Temperature: 30 °C

Earlier the rx snr was 5.9 and someone told me that was bad. So 8 to 11 or so is the normal range?

Would you be willing to list the recommended stats please?


Clyde, OH
stats look ok but its all bout your speedtest and what you download speed is ?
my installer showed me how to set my tria and get a good signal cause he lives 60 miles away . he had to give me a code to realighn my signal it's not hard att all , I do not know if all tria codes are the same though .

reply to suceress
To suceress,

Rx Power: -45.9 dBm (ok)
Rx SNR: 6.9 dB (should be better)
Cable Resistance: 3.0 Ohms (better if lower)
Cable Attenuation 13.9 dB (bad, too much signal loss)
Tx IF Power: -26.0dBm (2.5 uW, TRIA gain 712,000)
Tx RF Power: 32.5dBm (1.78 W seems a bit low)

If your Rx SNR is varying during sunny, stable weather, then maybe your dish needs to be mounted more firmly. My guess is that you need to investigate the cable attenuation and cable resistance.

How long is your coaxial cable?
Does your coaxial cable have a solid copper center conductor, or is it a steel conductor with copper cladding?
Are the F-connectors properly attached?

If you post the writing on your coaxial cable, we might be able to check its specifications for you.
Wildblue Value Pack, beam 31, Riverside gateway