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TWC is doing the same »
This is a sub-selection from Wasted Opportunity


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Re: Wasted Opportunity

Yea, well, they are much more closely related than BRIGHT HOUSE, Doncha think !?

I mean afterall, they are under the same COMPANY NAME and STOCK SYMBOL.

tim tim tim

Lutz, FL

I dont know where you live either but here in tampa, FIOS is sold out of the verizon wireless stores.


East Amherst, NY

Here in sunny Buffalo, they are separate. They actually shy away from you going to the store though and it holds hours worse than the post office.

Every time I have dealt w/ equipment (outside of install), they send me a box and UPS or USPS picks it up at my door the next day. Very convenient if you ask me. They also take the equipment off the books when they send the box, not when it is returned so you are not penalized for doing it this way. In addition my cablecard took 5 minutes to setup. Verizon seems to have their stuff together.

TWC has an office 5 min from my house, so it's easier to go in there, because their logistics were nowhere as integrated as Verizon.

I don't see an issue with bundling, especially if it is voluntary and there is a benefit to the consumer. Verizon does a 4-play in my area, so what's the difference?