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El Dorado Hills, CA

[Business] Business internet with double play bundle for TV/voic

I am currently a business class internet subscriber, but have directv for TV and at&t for voice (which we hardly ever use, just have it for our security system basically).

I went to the comcast.com site to price out a double play bundle, but when I enter my address it tells me my address appears to be a commercial site and it redirects me to the business class site.

It is my understanding that I cannot get business class TV (nor would I want to, price wise). But am I allowed to get Residential TV/phone at a place where I have business class internet?

If so, will getting them installed interfere with my business setup in any way? Not technically, but will they yank my business internet or disconnect it because I'm "not a business"?

Finally, I'm assuming CDV works with security systems? If not, I may just look into eliminating my phone line all together and paying to have the security system use a cell connection if the price is reasonable.
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Mechanicsville, VA

Re: [Business] Business internet with double play bundle for TV/

Shouldn't be an issue. I think you just need to call them and they will take care of it for you. They will more than likely put it under a different name and separate bill. You will NOT be able to do a double play of internet and TV though.

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reply to pflog
Is it your address that kicks you to the business class site, or perhaps stored cookies in your browser? If your browser has Comcast cookies stored from having logged into your account, that might be causing a script on comcast.com to redirect you. If you haven't already tried it, make sure that you are not logged into any Comcast site, clear out any Comcast cookies, and tell the script that you are a new customer (because for Xfinity residential service, you would be a new customer).

I have Comcast business class Internet, and Xfinity residential TV accounts, and the two are totally separate (except for the common physical coax drop and the first splitter).

I don't know about CDV security system compatibility, but I suspect that will be dependent on the type of security system. If your security system is currently wired directly into the telco NID, it would need to be rewired to connect to the Comcast EMTA FXS port instead (and if it uses a special EBN module in the NID to ensure that the alarm takes precedence over other telco connections, that might be an obstacle).
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Cumming, GA
reply to pflog
The address being marked as a commercial address happened to me as well because I have the Business Class Internet service. Just call up the residential number and they should be able to set you up with Residential TV. Like ropeguru said, you're not going to get any discounts because you already have Internet service and it will be different billing as well. You can tie both accounts to the same customer.comcast.com account, but paying for both will require to different transactions.

Also, be mindful that when calling support or customer service, Comcast's ::cough:: less qualified reps may get easily confused about which account you're talking about even after clearly explaining things to them. Personally I'm seeing less benefit of the Business Class service as of late and may change to the Residential service when my contract is up as long as they're no absurd caps or restrictions in service.


Baltimore, MD
reply to pflog
>>Finally, I'm assuming CDV works with security systems? If not, I may just look into eliminating my phone line all together and paying to have the security system use a cell connection if the price is reasonable.

There won't be a problem with this but you may have to get your alarm people to come out and change the connection. I did and everything works perfectly. If you get a knowledgeable Comcast tech to do the installation he/she can probably take care of it. Also if you're not in a contract period with your alarm/monitoring service you might want to consider Comcast's own security service. It's now available in my area, if it had been earlier I would have gone with it. Pretty reasonable pricing.

My service also has the cell phone module option but it adds about $10 to the monthly fee so we use the phone connection through Comcast.


Washington, NJ
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I would highly recommend the alarm system cellular connection option over Comcast Digital Voice. Sandy took down the cable network (along with the electricity) here very quickly and for several days. The cell sight never went down and my alarm system cellular connection ran for 4 days until it's backup battery died.


reply to pflog
You need to separate the addresses, add OFC to the business class account or HOUSE to the tv account. There are legalities about having TV in a business environment, and this is why you are flagged and directed differently.

Most security systems support CDV, I would check with mine to be sure, but the simple fact is 48VDC is 48VDC. The only question really is how did they wire the dial tone seizure part. However, legally if they say you must have a bell line then you must have a bell line.

reply to pflog
Read the CDV terms where the make absolutely no assurances that an alarm will work. Honestly phone line only for alarm makes no sense.

Get a cell backup or even better get it setup for primary internet (will be just as, if not slightly more reliable than over CDV... but quicker to communicate) and cell backup. This should cost the same monthly as just cell backup, just you will spend a little more for the equipment that has internet capability.


Romulus, MI
reply to pappasbike
We have Comcast Digital Voice at work. Although it took a lot of work Guardian Alarm works with Comcast Digital Voice.
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