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reply to bigpapae35

Re: Incoming fax to email- Anveo or callcentric?

said by bigpapae35:

I am testing out incoming fax pickup from callcentric, but a few incoming faxes have failed on callcentric. I am looking to setup a anveo account to see how their fax comparability does.

Does one have better compatibility than the other when it comes to letting the provider answer the fax and send out an email with pdf?

I don't think that I would use callcentric since they don't provide support for that feature. It is provided "as-is".

New York, NY
·Verizon FiOS

Despite being provided "as is" - it works much better and had been spent much more time supporting it than many other providers.

The "As Is" disclaimer is there (many years already) only to avoid being actually liable for service being purchased explicitly for fax purpose because [due to its very conservative policies] whatever Callcentric officially declares to be sold for money - it (the Callcentric) considers to be liable for (in means of in-deep support and refunds for not properly connected/completed calls and/or paid transactions).

It's (the disclaimer) also there to deter "pseudo-customers" and/or upset "customers" who may come to this site and report/start bogus threads about Callcentric doing something wrong or not the same way as "other standard based" providers do it. Yes - you know whom I mean.

As most/many people normally report here - the fax to e-mail feature plain works; we've spent close to 6 years of our time developing its functionality and compatibility with many different fax machines and fax-software drivers (as well as with software vendors like Digium).

It's that due to some inherent to Internet natural specifics - the fax over Internet cannot be considered as 100% replicable and always working function (compared to PSTN/POTS line).

But once a customer understands some basic principles behind faxing over the Internet as well as had adjusted/tuned some parameters of their hardware or software - this feature is reported to work as good and stable as most voice calls. For example - for me it works in 95% while delivering 100 page faxes without interruptions. People here have reported their mileage with this function.