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Re: Distributel/WRP400 behind existing router

My main router is a rt-n66u with tomato, I didn't have to do anything on the main router (all I did was add the mac address and IP address of the WRP-400 to the QoS classifications, but that is so the voice doesn't cut when people are downloading or whatever). Here's my setup on the WRP-400:



Thanks a lot for the info. I haven't tried using static IP yet. By the way, is your WRP-400 connected to the main router through the WAN port, or a LAN port?



The wan port on the WRP-400 is connected to a lan port on the main router.



Thanks again. I got it to make and receive calls. However, after getting connected, the line is just silent. Nothing goes through...
I might as well put the WRP-400 in front of main router for the time being (with the main router and DMZ and all unneeded features on WRP-400 disabled). Time will tell if there are any downsides to that setup.