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Naperville, IL
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Re: Ultra TV scheduling Issues

This is the response I got back from my ticket with the manufacturer.

When scheduling any new programs, the DVR schedule runs in the background and factors in:
a) existing recordings on the hard drive (drives, plural, if there is an external hard drive (eHDD)).
b) recordings already scheduled for the next 12-14 days (however much guide data/EPG is left).
c) the keep settings of the programs and series already scheduled.
Either customers need to change some or a majority of series recordings to "keep" until "space is needed" or override the space conflict note.
There is no way to avoid this when scheduling from the web site however, other than to change the "keep" settings.
We also recommend changing the 'recording defaults' so that new series do not automatically go to "keep until I delete".

Dan Della Terza
WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone
CMTS Operations Engineer



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Their is a problem with the scheduling system Dan.

I'll use mythbusters as an example. I have it in my series list. I have it set to "new" only. IF I look at the "to be recorded" list. Every showing is in the list new or rerun. If I look at the "cancelled or deleted" list every showing that is a repeat shows as "did not record repeat". The cancelation seems to happen at the point when the show would record.

I have several shows that have multiple repeats across the week. My "to be recorded" list is full of them. My bet is that the space calculation looks at all of the repeats.

IMO the repeats should not be scheduled. This would probably cut down on the number of "this may not record" messages.