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East Amherst, NY

Blackberry Balance makes the difference

I always loved my blackberries, except web browsing sucked big time and anything else to do with apps.

If RIM can get similar features, better office integration, and blackberry balance (separating user/corp) this would be a big win for those corporate types.

Even today my "progressive" company only allows blackberry and iphone on their network (they say android is a sieve).

This device probably will be aimed at business users, however I don't see this being a big hit with the kiddie types because that ship has already sailed and you will need a proper tablet ecosystem to compete in lifestyle segments.

The big competitors in this space will be winphone 8 and iphone. Android is still way too immature in this space. Obviously windoze will have office integration and the security holes that come with it, and the phone will have Jobs idea of openness on it.

The only clear feature that stands out is how "balance" works out.