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reply to IllIlIlllIll

Re: Move today/Install tomorrow ??? yeah right

said by IllIlIlllIll:

said by Pos_user:

I just posted in the OOL direct forum, but i figured i'd post here to get some opinions.

I know NJ is upside down right now due to Sandy, - we've had power here in florham park for about 10 days and I see OOL trucks driving around this area as well.

I moved on the 3rd

Nov 3rd - scheduled install - no call/no show

I called OOL to complain

Nov 5th - scheduled install no call/no show

I called OOL to complain

Nov 12th - scheduled install no call/no show

I called OOL and they told me it was cancelled and i should have received a call (i did not)

Now they told me 11/14 - guaranteed (yea right)

They told me the 3rd, 5th, and 12th, were all cancelled the day before and i should have been notified ? I wasnt notified once, and they do have my cell on file as my primary...
This is insane and the most stressful situation - I mean i understand sandy wiped out a lot of people, I understand things have been delayed. I did ALL of the work, tech probably just to come run some tests, and check some numbers, call dispatch and activate the service. It will be the easiest install of the week for him - still - i can't get someone out here, like i'm a leper.

Is anyone else dealing with this same BS ? or am i the only schmuck ?

how far away from the original residence did you move ?
if its in the same billing area, just connect your equipment at your new location - it should work without issues

Err...that's not exactly the best idea. If he has OV and "just moves" his modem, the E911 addressing for his OV number will direct emergency personel to his old address in the event he calls 911. Not to mention his drop probably isn't connected at the tap on the pole.

Hampton Bays, NY

as temporary relief, its an "OK" idea.
i wouldnt wait for CV to come and "do their thing" if the cable boxes/modem operate without issue in the interim while waiting for them to come around.
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