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Re: Gen 4 Usage???

Well, they aren't going to charge you for it. They purposely are doing this. The night cap never even turns on. The day cap turns on but it resets.

I'm not sure how long it will be unlimited but be careful not to use much because one day they might turn it on and you might wake up to find out you've used most of your GB because you thought it was still unlimited.

I use it as if it still has a limit, until I see the cap reset. I keep the page open in my browser. It tends to reset about every 3 hours for me. At night time I get 7 hours instead of 6 hours on the night cap, and they never turn that on to even have a chance to reset.

They will probably start the cap within the next month I'd imagine. But hopefully not.


Grand Saline, TX
Last night I downloaded Photoshop Elements 11. 1.16GB. I expected my pie chart to be back to 100% today. It wasn't and it's still not. I have 3 days and 8 hours to go with 86% free.
I wonder if they've stopped the unlimited downloads?

Reno, NV
Anything is possible anymore.