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Tucson, AZ

[CenturyTel] dismal tech experience

We've had trouble with the wireless and/or internet connection dropping several times a day for the past several weeks, on two different routers, but recently upgraded for the 40MB service with a new C1000 -- figuring we'd see if a new router would solve the problem and go from there. Unfortunately, the line completely cut out Sunday, even when I plugged into the outside customer service access, so I called tech support to see if there was a service issue or I should go get another new modem/router.

The tech kept talking about the dsl filter and the old landlines causing problems -- the old insulation is cracked and split and the wires are rusted -- so I went ahead and scheduled a service call to check the lines and the inside jack if necessary. My recent speed tests had come back at 2-3MB rather than the supposed 7, so it seemed a good investment.

Dropping by Best Buy for a new C1000 got me a stable connection, but still slow as heck.

At 1100 I called to check on the tech who was due this morning between 0815 and 1230 -- I was told it is a four hour window and mine was....between 0815 and 1830. After 40 minutes, lots of hold time and persistence, I finally got escalated to a supervisor to confirm there was a note indicating 815-1230 for the scheduled time. They assured me that someone would be there by 1230.

Okay, it definitely sounded more like someone messed up but they were scrambling to fix it, and would get a tech out as promised. Right? Nope. At 1430 I called and went through the exact. same. conversation. Up through the front line where they expressed surprise at the 12 hour window, back to their coach, up to a supervisor, again, who said 'oh, right, you were scheduled for 1230 they are on their way and should be there at any time, sorry.'

Now it is 1630 and - surprise! - the tech still isn't here. At this point, I'm not shocked, but I am deeply annoyed. Tech support kept asking me if I couldn't just have someone here over the age of 18 to meet the tech and seemed miffed when I told them no, I'd taken the day off work and didn't have anyone else available.

My best guess now is they just kept telling me whatever would get me off the phone. I can't skip work to give them their 12-hour window, so I guess on Thursday my 40MB will kick in and I'll see if I actually get a decent speed.

So, aside from the venting, can anyone tell me if the old corroded landline could be causing a speed problem even though it is on a totally different set of terminals in the customer side of the box? The dsl filter was on that old line and the tech had me remove the existing RJ45 connector but I don't know what is going on in the 'official' side of the box.