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Re: So ISPs answer this

said by 88615298:

are you still claiming only 2% use more than what your caps are? Because I'm pretty sure when you first started saying that the mean usage was around 5 GB a month.

No, the MEDIAN usage was around that. (actually in 2008 it was reported as 2-3GB/mo)

The top 10% of broadband subscribers still represent 90% of the total volume.

From the report:
said by Sandvine Report :

Since our last study, North American fixed access networks have seen a significant increase in per-subscriber usage.
Mean monthly usage has increased by almost 20 GB, rising from 32.1 GB to 51.3 GB in the past six months, while median usage increased at a similar pace jumping from 10.3 GB to 16.8 GB.


In North America, the top 1% of subscribers who make the heaviest use of the network’s upstream resources account for 38.6% of total upstream traffic. The comparable downstream users account for 12.8% of downstream bytes. At the opposite end of the usage spectrum, the network’s lightest 50% of users account for only 5.2 % of total monthly traffic.