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Re: 3 Day Weekend Adventures

Nothing this weekend other than finally replacing a smoke detector. After it went off at 3:00AM and would not shut up, I ripped it off the ceiling after failing to figure out half asleep how it snapped in. Picked up new and it sat on stair railing to remind me to put it up.

A few weeks ago, my kitchen appliances ganged up on me. Fridge door just wouldn't shut evenly. Noticed it was sagging, lifted it up and heard the bottom go "crunch". Bottom of door rusted out. Ok, hold door up when open. Did get some water dripping inside from condensation. A few days later water dripping from soffit outside garage. Figured fridge pan cracked or something. Found another fridge on CL.

BTW, the heater in the door died a few years ago so was getting condensation in door.

Slid old fridge out to find everything dry. Hmm, nearest is dishwasher. Pull toe plate and find split solenoid. Came with an elbow fitting; must have been over-tightened at factory.

$8 for solenoid and $40 for a used fridge. Fridge in garage for now as it is f'ing huge side-by-side. Upside is I have ice/water in the door. 22 years of making ice in trays; nice! Old fridge was made in '85; came with house.

The real cost will be I need an oscillating tool to cut the trim below the cabinet above the fridge so it will fit.

Got my first electric bill, dropped about $15. I had noticed old fridge was running every time I came in kitchen.
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So that was a how many beer fix? hehh

ahh beer.. the universal repair lubricant

if it aint broke, tweak it!!
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