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Moncton, NB

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reply to Carpie

Re: Fastest way to get a guild to level 2

Curse.com > SGI (SuperGuildInvite)

It searches /who for unguilded people, and ques them up so pressing a button automaticly sends them a /ginvite

Doing this you can fill your guild pretty fast.

I know you said solo but using the addon is not a bad thing.

Won't it Annoy people? No. It remembers who declined the invite and saves it in your cache so it never invites the same toon twice.

Isin't it against the ToS? Currently they are not warning people for using it and the add on is approved for use. It used to auto invite people but now you have to click a button for each invite so it's allowed. It has a feature that let's you whisper people a message as you invite them, but turn this off because unsolicited whispers are taken more seriously by GMs then ginvites since it involes the chat feature.

But I am moving the guild, I don't want to screw over all these random people! People make a choice of what guild to join, they see that it's a level one guild, they know it means there is no gaurantee that it will last. But they choose to join because they are curious and want to be social. And they stay because they meet people in it.

But no one is going to join a level 1 guild sending random invites! Most won't but many will. It will fill up pretty fast.