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·TekSavvy Cable
reply to wersthelolty

Re: Teksavvy "bigger but worst"

People need to realize that TSI is a reseller of Rogers network infrastructure, so as a result it’s not in rogers best interest to fix/install physical line issues fast or updates to newer speeds. (I am OK with this for now because TSI does not throttle any data or have ridiculous data caps.)

People also need to realize that TSI is going through growing pains due to allot of users ditching Bell/Rogers and signing up with TSI. TSI's help desk center is tiny compared to Rogers which is why if there is a major outage you will be on hold for hour + because everybody else is calling to complain as well. New call center is being setup in Ottawa/Gatineau so this should solve wait times when the new call center goes live. Best thing to do is check this site if you have a smart phone for outage details.

Rogers is also upgrading their infrastructure to compete with Bells Fibre internet speeds (another reason Rogers are losing customers) so as a result this is causing problems.