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How to set static IP after bridging a Netgear 7550?

My business just moved and we have a Cisco VPN router.

After calling AT&T support, they were able to set the router to bridged mode, but said they couldn't help me after that. They did mentioned it should 'probably' be one of the settings that requires user/password.

If I set it to PPPOE and put in the email address and password, it works after connecting to the Cisco. However, it won't let me enter my static IP (we have a block of 5).

Is there a setting I'm missing? If I just choose 'static IP' and enter my settings, it doesn't work. It won't work until I set the Cisco back to PPPOE. I must have the static for the VPN to work.

Any info would be appreciated!

If you have one of the 5 static ip packages you'll need to use pppoe to obtain the "gateway ip". The remaining 4 ip's can be manually configured.