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reply to ke4pym

Re: [TWC] Approved Modem list gets bigger.

said by ke4pym:

This is great and all. But as I told the CSR yesterday:

What if I buy my own modem, TWC sends a firmware update to it and bricks it. Who's responsible for replacing it?

What if the modem is blown up from a lightning strike that their system picks up and sends my way?

Last I looked, the SB6141 is about $115-$125. At $3.95 a month, ROI is about 29 months.

In that time, what if TWC says I need super modem SB6141d to stay on the plan I am on or to move to the Super Uber RoadRunner turbo extreme wild bore 9000 package? Do I have to buy a new modem for that?

If you own your modem your responsible for it ... so it's one of those catch 22.. do you save 3.95 a month by purchasing your own.. or do you pay 3.95 for the convenience that Time Warner will replace the modem you lease if it fails, blows up, becomes a brick, needs updated for a new speed package.. etc..