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New York, NY
reply to FFH5

Re: [WIN8] Microsoft's head Windows guy leaving IMMEDIATELY

said by FFH5:

said by Octavean:

Ballmer was referncing a rapid development cycles for their offerings. To be competitive Microsoft would likely have to mirror Apple's annual OS upgrade cycle for both Windows and Windows RT.

Releasing a new OS every year instead of ever three or so years has got to put a lot of pressure on someone.

And corporate users don't like updates that frequently.

I don’t see the point you‘re trying to make with that statement. As it stands now with a quasi 3 yr OS upgrade cycle corporate users may still not upgrade each release. So what difference does it make if they don’t want to upgrade every year when they clearly don’t want to upgrade every three years either. The option of upgrading is still there so they simply have more options.

My only point in pointing out the possibility of an accelerated OS launch cycle is that it is conceivably more work for whomever holds such a position.

Anyway, Steven Sinofsky replacment has been named and she‘s not half bad looking: