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This is a sub-selection from no biggy

Marietta, GA
reply to ITALIAN926

Re: no biggy

said by ITALIAN926:

What? The phone wiring within your home was DEREGULATED wire, the phone companys are only responsible to bring dialtone TO your house. The wiring became property and responsibility of the customer. The phone companies offer "insurance" to cover the repair of the wire that belongs to the customer ! People who pay this fee REQUEST IT.

People have choices of TV providers. Nobody has fewer than 2 choices of providers. If youre not happy with TW, then LEAVE them. Nobody is forcing anyone to pay this extra fee.

This isnt complicated at all.

Yeah, because you guys would never just tack it on there without permission... of course not.


Chesterfield, MO
They might ask but the question is twisted to get a yes answer. Then little by little, the charge grows. I recently reviewed my elderly aunt's phone plan. She keeps bills for years and years and she paid the fee for who knows how many years. Her house is nearly 60 years old and there's never been a wiring problem.

When I built my first house in 1993, it cost me $75 to have phone and coax run throughout the house. I'm sure the materials and labor have increased in the past 20 years but just the concept of wire insurance is insidious. If you have a lightening strike that fries the wires or some other electrical problem that results in damage to your home and wiring, homeowners insurance will cover it.

Of course this kind of dishonesty is rampant. However, the medical community probably takes the crown jewel in terms of perfecting it. It's a continuous train of various monthly tests for the elderly and bushel baskets of drug cocktails -- some prescribed solely to mitigate/lessen side effects of other drugs. Medicare just pays and pays and pays.

Of course this is nothing new. People have been lying, cheating and stealing throughout all of recorded history. It's just disappointing when folks sweep stuff like this under the rug with the excuse that it's all OK if folks have a choice.