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Re: CNOC Files w/ CRTC Against Rogers

said by TOPDAWG:

hm the hell with his hate for tek and now this site it seems. guy always seemed to be to have a huge ego and think he was more important then he really was.

I doubt there is hate with TSI. More of a show to put distance from them in the eyes of others. Hate doesn't lead to those pictures of Marc, Rocky and JF hugging we always see. And who really cares if he really does dislike them? Does that bug you that someone doesn't like teksavvy? Seems to me you're a little over sensitive with your love for them. Meanwhile (and to inject a bit of reality here), he steps up to the plate for everyone, unlike the you who is ragging on him. You seem jealous of him. But if you can do a better job, I invite you to step up and do it... Otherwise... well, you know...

Calgary, AB
·TekSavvy DSL
could careless about tek as last time I had service with them I was not a fan. Why would anyone be jealous don't be silly. I don't call him and rock having fights on here a front no point to it. people who saw a lot of the posts know what I'm talking about.