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Douglasville, GA

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T-Mobile-->Net10 TMO-->Net10 ATT

Started with a T-Mobile branded pre-paid phone kit the Samsung Exhibit II 4G with the $30 5gb plan and voip.ms

Worked for the most part. Latency was 300+ milliseconds so the quality suffered. Don't really need a mobile phone but am starting to use my phone for work travel at my expense. Out of the office yet on the clock at my request. Office email and RDP works great but now I need unlimited voice.

Switched to the T-Mobile $50 unlimited plan but the data was 100mb@4G then reduced to 128kbps at 300ms latency. Not cool.

Then the Net10 BYOD kit. Comes with 3 different sim cards for $15 and the monthly plan is $45. I didn't get any throttling after using 100mb.

Found the Net10 T-Mobile network very quick but lacked coverage. Voice didn't roam. Had to unlock my phone and use the Net10 Att sim. Not as fast but much better coverage. Didn't throttle after using 100mb.

I considered the Net10 Proclaim for the Verizon network, but gsm voice seems to sound better to me than CDMA. That and I don't see the need to spend any more money until I can buy a pre-paid LTE device for less than $200.

Struggling to keep pre-paid customers? I would say so. They hooked me with their new marketing plan. I would have stayed. I love the phone, fast network, just didn't have right plan at the right price or the coverage in the one area that I needed.