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Lumberton, TX
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Re: Official Guild Wars 2 Thread

"We also have plans to add more fun ways to acquire Legendary precursor items with a more “scavenger hunt” feel than they are acquired currently."

Wow. This pretty much took care of me as I've no desire to grind away at dungeons or anything for that matter for rewards. Been there, done that and don't miss it. In fact, I've yet to enter a dungeon (beyond Mad King) in this game and don't feel like I have to. Does anyone else feel like that?

For whatever reason, I found myself reading some of the threads in a WoW forum earlier. I can truly say I do not miss the game. It had great points and it had awful ones as well. For me the awful drove me away and for the most part still exist today. Some folks are obviously better able to deal with it than I was willing or able to. But, here is the kicker. Those issues do not exist in GW2 for me. Early I had my concerns, but the gold spammers, bots, and general idiots (pardon the term) are not around long if at all. Think about it. Somebody really did their homework.
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It seems bots and gold sellers are booted very quickly.

Anet is motivated to boot them because they lose nothing by removing them. Because there is no subscription.

I have not seen a bot in a full week. And I have not seen gold sellers in about 2 weeks.

WoW's open world was pointless end game. GW2 world is still awesome at end game.

Also, I am level 80, full exotic without getting anything from dungeons. And my warr is a beast. I do however, want to explore dungeons more.