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Re: why?

The city of KC, KS (KCK) is the lowest income city of the metro area (though in much better shape than say Flint, Gary or Newark). It's interesting that Google selected the lowest income part of KC metro first but KCK has an easy to work with city govt that is considered progressive (red tape avoidance wise) for city govts and apparently they thought it would be easiest city to deploy in. KC, MO side will also get Gfiber starting in Spring, which has every variety of demographics.

This area in KCK has a lot of old bungalow blue collar homes but is not a crime ridden area. Is a good cheap way for startups to get in the door. Bungalows are well under $50K. Is also right on the state line near Westport neighborhood on MO side, which is a hipster area of KC with a lot of ethnic eats, thrift shops, hookah, indie stores, etc. Hanover Heights is a fairly good location (for KCK) with dirt cheap homes.

When KCMO gets this next Spring, the Crossroads Arts district in downtown will probably become another startup village as there are already a bunch of tech companies/startups there. It's a pretty cool loft/warehouse type environment. But the bungalow hood in KCK is a cheaper way to get in.