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reply to thewisperer

Re: nano's or nanobridges?

said by thewisperer:

said by raytaylor:

I dont believe in using nanostations at all because of the very wide beamwidth, it can cause self interference and waste spectrum.

I will however use them for private links like the responder above where they are aimed down below the horizon or within a property and the signal is restricted to the local area (by trees, hills etc)

I try to use nanobridges everywhere for CPE radios now.

that confirms my thought of wanting to go to Nanobridges to prevent self interference in an area of high concentration of subs.

I'm starting to go nanobridge's all the way even if its easier to mount a Nanostation..

There is still tons of sidelobe off the nanobridges.

IMO nanostations ensure your coverage area remains your coverage area.